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When looking at the practice of information technology in the manufacturing industry, a wide range of use-cases are revealed. Everything from the robotic lines of an automobile plant to the accounting software used by a small parts shop falls under the umbrella of IT.

The drive for operational excellence and continuous improvement leads many larger enterprises with a factory production presence to implement a variety of programs to meet these goals. Six Sigma is one obvious example of a program earmarked to achieve operational improvement at a company. In many cases, Six Sigma benefits from a variety of software applications to help measure, analyze, and control factory processes.

Whether or not an enterprise implements a Six Sigma program by name, the same principles important for process improvement become part of the daily routine at companies striving for a competitive advantage in their sector. An MSP planning on supporting manufacturers need to familiarize themselves with the operational concepts behind process improvement, as well as the software systems that support Six Sigma and other similar programs

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